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Why did your Orkney ancestors emigrate? What was happening in Orkney when they left?

What is the history of your house or business?

Research Orkney can help you as we provide a professional research service dedicated to Orkney's Heritage.

'Orkney was part of the kingdom of Norway from c.800 to 1468, after which it became part of Scotland.'

We are based in Orkney and therefore are ideally placed to access local materials and expertise. Our focus is primarily Orkney but related research of the North Atlantic Rim, the Orcadian Diaspora, Scotland, Britain and wider world will be considered.

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'The place-names of Orkney are mainly of Norse origin
and can tell us about the lifestyle and way of life in Orkney from as far back as the medieval period.'



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Photography from the Orkney Archives and by Dr Sarah Jane Gibbon